Sunday, February 15, 2009

Put on hold

Greetings, everyone.

Well, there isn't a lot to say other than apologise for the lack of updates to be honest. The blog will be put on hold until we have something from the actual gameplay to show. I doubt anyone will even read this post, but feel free to comment or visit our forums. I look foward posting here again with great news.

Until then!


  1. I'm in your blogpost, provan you wrong motherfucker! I'm kind of interested in seeing the final project, but I usually just check the updates to see if people are still working on it, which is understandable considering most /v/ projects attention spans :3

  2. I'm posting a comment just so you know people are reading. I don't usually comment though, I just read. Looking forward to even the smallest of updates at any time. :)

  3. Keep working at it and dont disappoint us

  4. just found out about this. also posting just to show someone supports you