Friday, May 1, 2009


Hello again!
We're introducing another member of the main party today.

This is Sapphire, who joins the party at the request of her father and stays with them through the story. She's naïve and easily manipulated, but she makes up for it by being strong and hot-blooded.

That's all we've got for you this week.

See you again!


  1. Ok well you've got my bookmark.

    Don't slack off.

  2. Honestly i'd love to see you guys make this. Every new pokemon game makes me think one day they will do something like this.

    I know this wouldn't sit well and would probably defeat the whole purpose but I'd like to suggest maybe make a sort of rip off of the pokemon game. The reason I suggest this is because if done correctly then you guys can make a sort of pokemon style game with out breaking copyrights and then maybe make it for the XNA. Considering the crap they have on there you could be groundbreaking.

    If done right I'd pay well more than 40 dollars for a game like this. Yet I know the XNA has a maximum of like 10 dollars though I think...But knowing the competition this could be big.

    Anyway Hope you guys finish this one way or another. You have my bookmark.

  3. Contact me via email for details on possible sound engineering options for you guys.

  4. I like most of your designs but honestly I can't stand this one.

    And your design for Green is kinda boring. Nowhere near as cool as the original one posted on that japanese blog.

    Other than those two though all of the designs are pretty amazing. Can't wait to see a demo or something...

  5. Nicely done as aways.

    Can't wait to see Silver's.

  6. Maybe you should make a character roster to start with, and have various storylines that differ depending on which characters you choose in the beggining, to increase replay value.