Friday, June 19, 2009

Pokemon Spirit Chronicles

First, the big news. No longer are we an unnamed group making an unnamed game. We have named our team Victory Road Productions, and our game shall be called...

Second, we're changing the blog update schedule. We'll be updating every second Thursday from now on until further notice.

See you again!


  1. 'Chronicles' is an overused word
    I'd suggest 'Adventures'

    other than that- Sexy logo!

  2. Chronicles is fine. There is a reason a lot of people use it. Because it's good. Love the logo by the way. Pro stuff.

  3. Ouch, man, the name is OK but the logo you got there... It screams 'photoshop' with a passion. For the average person, it's fine, but it could be better.
    Er, no offense. But, it might do good to modify the glow settings a bit (change the mode, methinkgs), and maybe change the gradient in "POKEMON" to one that isn't stock-photoshop.
    I do very much like the background thing you got going there, though. Expert work, there.
    Mind you, the logo's importance is nill to the game, so by all means, ignore this. XD

  4. hey how will the game be played and when will it be released?......... Will it be online or what?

  5. Why havent we heard yet something from this game. It's a very nice concept that deserves to be worked out.