Friday, August 14, 2009


We've got something new to share with you this week: a plot blurb, to give you more of an idea of where the story is going. So, without further ado...

In a parallel world to the Pokémon universe we're familiar with, Pokémon are rapidly starting to become a threat to society. The urbanisation of cities, and travelling across the region of Kanto becomes difficult when unknown numbers of monsters with seemingly magical powers hinders progress. In order to get by, the century-old practice of Soul Forging has been revitalised, allowing humans to convert the souls of Pokémon into tools, weapons, and other items; more effective than tools made from ordinary materials. While expensive, Pokéquipment has taken the entire world by storm, commercialised as a way humans can live free without fear of monsters.

But it's not so cut-and-dry. Soul-infused weapons are a prime target for the millitia, the government, and underground organisations. The High Councils across the regions of the country have tried their best to keep things in the balance, but something always slips through the cracks. On the other hand, individuals who find the extraction of souls cruel and abhorrent are becoming increasingly more vocal, and try to look for other methods to balance humans and Pokémon. But what happens when these philosophical differences collide?

At the same time, there's trouble brewing in Johto. Rooted firmly around a feudal political practice, the region refuses to adopt the govermental system of the High Council, and is starting to barricade itself from the rest of the country; not taking kindly to interlopers. If someone doesn't intervene and create a solution, there might be a civil war on their hands. Maybe the Kanto High Council can be mobilised to assist?We follow the journeys of Blue - a charismatic thief from Pallet Town - and Gold, a hot-headed bodyguard drafted in from Johto; as their misson to do some research for Philosopher Samuel Oak gradually turns into an adventure embroiled in the wonders of Pokémon, a quest for peace, and the mysterious-yet-influential Guild Rokka.

Will they restore political peace to Kanto? Who's outlook on society is the one true answer? Only time will tell.

We'd like your opinion as always, so I'd like to know what you'd like to see for the next update. More art? Music? Something else? Let us know in a comment.

(Other than a demo or footage, please. We're looking for new programmers at the moment, so when we have something of that nature, we'll let you all know.)

See you next week!


  1. You're looking for programmers? I have some experience in c++ and would be wiling to learn new languages. I can show you some examples of my work (mostly unfinished projects I made in my free time). Give me an e-mail.

    Also the story sounds pretty good.

  2. I really like the plot. Nice job.

    I'd like to see some more character art next update.