Friday, October 23, 2009

The Lady of Celadon

This week, we're introducing another of the Ladies of Kanto, Erika of Celadon City!

Erika was chosen for Lady of Celadon when she singlehandedly changed the city from a run-down cesspool into a beautiful city of light and greenery. She is incredibly opposed to violence, using her bond with Grass-type Pokemon to protect rather than attack. While she is not opposed to the usage of Pokemon as weapons and armor, she refuses to use them herself, as the idea of destroying a Grass-type Pokemon's body sickens her.

And thus concludes this week's update. Anything in particular you'd like to see next time? Feel free to let us know.

See you again!


  1. I love the designs of the characters!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Do you guys have menus or towns designed?? Maybe concept art would be cool

    Or info on how some systems will work

    What about minigames?

  2. Looking great so far bros.

  3. I heard ya'll were looking for programmers. I have a lot of experience with GML in Game Maker. What do I need to do to apply?

  4. As far as menus go, nothing really concrete yet.

    Towns will be based on the towns from the normal Pokemon games, although made much more alive. No more 4 buildings in Pallet or the like.

    The battle system is explained back on the second blog post. Outside of battle, it'll be very JRPG-ish, walking around, talking to characters, and so on.

    Minigames...No idea yet. We're trying to get the meat of the game done before we add the garnish, as it were.

  5. gorgeous

    Rafflesias are the greatest flowers ever.