Friday, December 4, 2009


Greetings once again.

This time we've got a few more weapons for you to see, namely those of Nidoking.

We hope you'll visit again next time to see how things are coming.

See you then!


  1. no updates in jan... or feb so far. project dead ?

  2. Not at all. We're still going strong.

    We haven't updated in a while because we've kind of run out of stuff to update with that won't spoil people.

    Our weapons artist, Lybra, has taken to posting his weapon designs on DA for everyone to see, though, so you can check those out here.

    We're still working on the project, and when we come out with a significant update, we'll update the blog again.

  3. Are you guys making shields as well? I only see armor, pole-arms, swords and orbs so far.

    I'd like to see a Ryhorn/Rhydon shield or something.

  4. We're making shields as well, we just don't have too many of them drawn yet, haha.

  5. Ah okay, cool. Also, are you going to make the Pokemon items/stuff usable out of battle? Like a Butterfree perfume/sweet scent that lures things to you or Spinarak web for escaping dungeons.

  6. Yeah, we'll have items like that. Not all of them will be related to the Pokequipment, though. Items like Potions and Escape Ropes and the like will function like they do in normal Pokemon games.

  7. Yeahhhhhhh its been what .. 2 years ? and nothing besides concept art huh. Stop wasting ur time bro's

  8. Nah, we'll keep working on it. We all enjoy doing so, and we want to see it finished someday, so we're not wasting our time at all.